Michinori Kobayashi
Japanese Philosopher

Philosophy of Life
A message from Japan


A Message from the Author
Collected Works
New Monadology
On the Japanese Civilization
Art is Expression of Life - The Truth of Art
Development and Evolution
Medium Civilization Theory
The Earth and Life
Creation of History -Human action opens history
From the scene of artistic production
Primordial life
History and Contingency
Art and festival-the origin of art
Resolution and Conscience
Historical Perspective
Participating Arts
The Logic of Mutual Correlation
The Civilization Network
What Is Being?
From Being to Relation
Intra-World Measurement and Intra-World Action
From Relation to Becoming

Freedom in Complex Systems
For Asia-Pacific Age
L'empereur, miroir du Japon
The Emperor as the Mirror of Japan
Emancipation - The Quest for the Self in Buddhism
Life and Substance
Love and Life: The World of Religious Faith
Civilization as a complex system
Chaos and Order
Salvation in the Religion of Faith
God and man, Buddha and sentient beings

Complex Systems and Modern Science
The brain as an expression of the mind