Michinori Kobayashi
Japanese Philosopher

Philosophy of Life
A message from Japan


A Message from the Author
Collected Works
New Monadology
On the Japanese Civilization
Art is Expression of Life - The Truth of Art
Development and Evolution
Medium Civilization Theory
The Earth and Life
Creation of History -Human action opens history
From the scene of artistic production
Primordial life
History and Contingency
Art and festival-the origin of art
Resolution and Conscience
Historical Perspective
Participating Arts
The Logic of Mutual Correlation
The Civilization Network
What Is Being?
From Being to Relation
Intra-World Measurement and Intra-World Action
From Relation to Becoming

Freedom in Complex Systems
For Asia-Pacific Age
L'empereur, miroir du Japon
The Emperor as the Mirror of Japan
Emancipation - The Quest for the Self in Buddhism
Life and Substance
Love and Life: The World of Religious Faith
Civilization as a complex system
Chaos and Order
Salvation in the Religion of Faith
God and man, Buddha and sentient beings