A Message from the Author


I was born and raised in a culture where my sensitivities on sprouting life were

well cultivated with lingering melancholy in some way, and spent most of my

life there, Nevertheless, the place was inevitably inundated with contemporary

information flood as time passed by. My publication of several writings on the

theory for the contemporary civilizations was triggered by such background


Later, I encountered a thought titled “Eternity of land and life” when I was

philosophizing a way to work through this contemporary age.

Making this thought as my core thought, I have been developing my own

philosophy by applying my world view on the essence of life and the truth

of universe to nature, ethics, history, art, religion, existence, recognition,

civilization and ancient times. If I were to summarize my path of philosophy

and historical trail in a single phrase, I can put it as following, “ I have

been building life theory like world-view that might embrace and transcend

the modern civilization through its critical analysis.”

I feel so happy about the recent publication of a ten-volume collection which

consists of my representative writings, which was driven by my wish to think back

historical trail of my thought. In the midst of the modern age when lowbrow tastes

are flourishing, hopefully, I will never cease from communicating with thoughtful

readers in the rest of my life.

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