Collected Works
Michinori Kobayashi (Philosophy of Life)
Collected 10 Works (Japanese)
 Published by Minerva Shobo Co., Ltd.
(Kyoto, Japan)

Vol. 1 Exploration of living nature – Dynamic life and universe
  Assuming nature as living nature, I developed life theory like world view which opens the door to the dynamic life and universe. This is an attempt of natural philosophy proposing a new world-view to shift a focus from machine to life.
Vol. 2 Development of dynamic ethicsPractice in the world of formations and changes

Assuming an ever-transforming society as one of the complex systems, I focused attention on creative acts taking place in the society to change the paradigm of practical philosophy.

Vol. 3 Reading of history and art from life paradigm – World of act and expression
  Historical philosophy proposing a new perspective of living history by extracting from many cases in the history of world and Japan. Why humans express themselves? Art philosophy exploring the primordial essence of art.
Vol. 4 What is religion? – Unification into primordial life
  Introduction of religious philosophy which explores the primordial essence of religion by extracting religious feelings in the initial stage flowing undercurrent of primitive religion, ancient religion, Buddhism and Christianity as subject matters.
Vol. 5 Philosophizing the complex system – Being and recognition understood from the aspect of formations
  Science of complex systems are sourced by the self-organizing theory and chaos theory. This is an attempt to give its philosophical base, discussing complexity ontology and complexity epistemology which are the basis of life theory like world-view.
Vol. 6 What is the modern age like? – An attempt of the theory of modern civilization

Theory of modern civilization that philosophize nature, human being, history and public by assuming the modern age as a time inundated with desires. How should the state be like? This illustrates Theory of State that explores how the modern state should be like.

Vol. 7 Philosophizing the modern age from the view point of world history – Path toward the 21st century

Looking into time spirit in the 20th and 21st centuries from various aspects. Theory of modern civilization that summarizes positive and negative factors observed in the age through philosophizing about the modern age from the viewpoint of cultural and spiritual history.

Vol. 8 What is the civilization? – Exchange and environment of civilization
Theory of civilization on intermediation which explains the world history in the realm of relationship through illustration of mankind history focusing on the civilizational exchange. Development of theory of comparative civilizations viewed from life paradigm.
Vol. 9 Exploration of life style of ancient Japanese people– Research of ancient Japan

History of the ancient Japanese civilization through close watch at ancient Japanese people’s mind as well as history of the ancient Japanese civilization looked from the civilization network of the sea of Japan and Eurasian continent.

Vol. 10

Study of Hegelian philosophyMy fragments, collected haiku (a seventeen syllable verse) and tanka (a thirty-one syllable verse), and reviewals

Paper written in the initial stage that clarified the limit of western early modern metaphysics while clarifying the path to Hegel’s Phenomenology of Spirit. In addition, my fragments, collected Japanese poems and critical essays are contained, as well.

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